We're so thankful for the love and the support of our community! At Love Junkie Yoga & Fitness it's not just a community, but a family! Hear what our family has to say...

Love Junkie is a very special place.  I've taken yoga and fitness classes with dozens of other instructors previously, but none are quite like Nicole, her instructors and her studio. Whether you're new to yoga/fitness or years into your practice, every class has something for you.  Modifications are offered for every posture or exercise, so that you can choose the shape that feels the best while still getting a great workout.  Every class is different and magnificent.  Nicole has this uncanny ability to give you exactly what you need during your class, no matter where you are in your day or in your life.  She radiates light and warmth.  Her fervor for life, fitness and yoga is contagious.  Everyone who walks through the door is not only welcome, but treated like family.  She has become my family.  And Love Junkie has become my home away from home.  Even my 11-year-old son has since become a member after hearing me rave about her classes for months.  She has inspired me to learn and grow and become the best version of myself.  If you're hesitating or looking for a great class, I implore you to try Love Junkie.  I promise that you will be so glad you did!  -Rachel H.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for finding Nicole and Love Junkie Yoga and Fitness. I have always been a heavy girl since I can remember and the thought of going to a gym made me sick to my stomach. For many people, gyms can be very intimating and scary! The thought of someone looking at me and judging me based on my size and my ability was terrifying. However, at Love Junkie I have never felt intimated or scared. Everyone, regardless of their size or ability is welcomed with loving arms. Nicole and her staff genuinely love all of their clients. This studio has not only physically changed me, but mentally I have never been better. I now believe in my self and what I am able to achieve. My confidence as grown more than I ever thought was possible. I look forward to going to the studio, not only for a great workout, but also for the community. Nicole provides a great space to connect with all different type of people in the community. Some of my closest friends were made at the studio and have brought so much joy into my life. I will forever be a member at Love Junkie Yoga and Fitness because it is what is best for my body, but most importantly my soul. -Renee C.

Love Junkie Yoga & Fitness is so much more than just a yoga studio, it's a family, a community of wonderful people who genuinely care about each other. Nicole, the owner, has created an environment where you can workout, challenge yourself, or relax and just breathe. Love Junkie offers classes ranging from relaxation to kick your butt challenging but Nicole and the other instructors carefully guide and always encourage the class through the poses. I have been practicing yoga for over a decade and nothing comes close to the friendly and caring environment at Love Junkie.

- Tiffani P. 

Love Junkie Yoga & Fitness is an amazing yoga and fitness studio. Nicole is a great teacher who encourages the members to challenge themselves, even if the real challenge is to simply be good to ourselves. During each yoga class Nicole, or her other highly qualified instructors, guide the students of all experience levels through our yoga poses. The instructors make sure we are aligning our bodies correctly to avoid injuries or simply developing bad habits. Although the students in each class may range from first timer to very experienced, Nicole has a knack for encouraging or challenging each student as that student needs. Best of all, students at all fitness levels, ages, and body types are welcomed with open arms and open minds. Love Junkie is much more than a yoga and fitness studio, it's a community of loving people, a family. - Dawn B.

Love Junkie is definitely my happy place. Nicole was able to create such an amazing atmosphere that you want to rush to. No matter what you are looking for in your workout routine, you can find it! My personal favorite is Circuit, intense, but a fun class. Can’t wait to try Aerial soon, I might switch my favorite :) With the help of Nicole and her teachers I was able to work out during my pregnancy. Modifications made the process safe for me and my baby and created a super mama.
The crowd in the studio is amazing - we all support and push each other to achieve the goals each of us have!
Nicole, I can’t stop saying thank you so much for opening Love Junkie for the community! - Sima V.

I have taken several of Nicole's classes from regular yoga, to hot, to restorative. She is an amazing instructor and makes sure that you are doing things correctly and gives you different options for different flexibility levels so that everyone can get something out of her classes. Her classes are not all easy, but you leave feeling better in your body and your mind.      - Broc L.