Yoga Classes

The practice of yoga is a personal journey and my hope is to create a warm, welcoming space where you feel safe. To provide an atmosphere where you can connect physically, emotionally, and spiritually to your mind and body where you are free to challenge yourself or simply relax and surrender.


RElax & Flow:

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What a great way to unwind from a long day! This class is great for ALL levels. Whether you're new to yoga or looking to slow down, move, and breathe. This class would be comparable to a Beginner or Slow Flow. Enjoy!


Ashtanga Flow:

Ashtanga Flow yoga is an approach to asana (posture) practice, stemming from a traditional practice that is thousands of years old with a creative blend of Vinyasa. If you like structure with a twist than this class is just what you’re looking for. Consistency in the postures will allow you to see the growth you are looking for while still mixing it up. Great for all levels! 




Vinyasa, is a practice where postures are linked together with your breath to create an invigorating flow. The creative sequencing is often built around Surya Namaskar (sun salutations). The classes will build heat, work on balance, flexibility, and strength. Students at all levels are welcome as modifications and advanced postures will be available. 




Power, like Vinyasa, will link postures together in a dynamic flowing sequence that will cultivate heat, stamina, flexibility, and strength. This offers more of a challenging experience as postures may be held longer to create more heat and strengthening or offer more movement to build up more endurance. 




A slow flow class will begin with light stretching and builds to a moderate level flow. This class is great as a regular practice, in preparation for a more vigorous class, and/or a slow break from the norm. All levels are welcome.   




A Restorative class is geared for healing and restoration; it's perfect for students who are injured, stressed, or recovering from a busy day or week. This is a very gentle practice where postures may be held for 30 seconds to 10 minutes. All postures are seated or lying down and involves the use of props to allow the body to feel completely supported in order for the body to relax and release fully. 


Aerial YIN

Yin, the feminine principle of yoga is quiet, passive, and reflective. This is a great counter to the commonly practiced Yang, which is the masculine principle and is active and extrospective. Yin yoga is designed with long holds, generally 1-5 minutes. The static stretches are used to target connective tissue, typically in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Yin is great for all levels and is a perfect way to relax and renew. We use the silks and props to help aid in these stretches. The silks are only shin height and the shapes are primarily seated or lying down.


YIN Vin-Not currently Offered

What a beautiful blend of static stretches (long holds) used to target connective tissue and creative movement with breath. Class begins with the yin portion, which focuses on flexibility, while opening the hips, pelvis, and lower spine and closes with the yang portion, which focuses on building heat, balance, and strength.