FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be in the know! Find the answers to some of the most asked questions.

What do the Yoga and Fitness classes look like at LJYF?

Our classes are designed to be accessible to any and all levels. Some classes can be more challenging than others, so please be sure to read the descriptions for the classes. Modifications are offered in each class for injuries and abilities.

Where can I find the description of each class?

If you click the class name from the schedule it will provide a brief description.

Do I need to pre-register for classes?

Our instructors appreciate when students pre-register because it helps them to plan, but pre-registration is only require for workshops/specialty classes. Pre-registering for aerial classes ensures you have a hammock for the class since there is limited space. If you struggle with technology, as many of us do, please arrive early for class and we can register you.

If I register for a class and can’t make it do I lose my class? 

Workshops, specialty classes, and sold out classes are not refundable. For regular classes, you will be removed and the pass will be applied back to your account.

How early should I arrive before classes?

It’s important to allow enough time to make payment and fill out a waiver (if a new student) and get settled before class. Arriving at the start of class is not good etiquette because it effects all participants and the teacher. We recommend 5-15 minutes to get settled and be prepared for class.

Do classes have expirations? 

Single classes have an expiration of 30 days, 5 class packs (30 days), 10 class packs (60 days). 

Can I get an extension on my classes?

Class packs have a set expiration because of a discounted rate. Please don’t ask for an extension. However, you can purchase the same package of what expired and we will give you the remaining unused classes back. For example: if you had a 5 pack and 2 expired, you can purchase another 5 class pack and receive the 2 remaining back to use within the new expiration. This will need to be manually done (you cannot do this on your own).

How do I register for classes?

Click the schedule tab on our website, or find us on the Mind Body App (you will need an account). If payment is needed, it will provide the options available to register for the class. 

What do I wear/bring? 

What to wear: We recommend comfortable clothing based on the activity that you’re participating in. Baggy clothing can make movement difficult in yoga classes. We appreciate students who wear clothing that isn’t distracting to other students or the teacher. Bare feet or socks for yoga or barre based on your preference. Sneakers are required for fitness classes. For the sake of hygiene, aerial yoga requires shirts that cover the torso and bottoms that are mid-thigh or longer (thank you)!

What to bring: Water is always recommended. All yoga classes require a mat (you can rent one for a $1 if you don’t have one). A hand towel is optional for classes and can be particularly beneficial for warm/hot classes, as well as aerial yoga.

Can children attend classes?

We are a community based studio and love when our younger community participates. We suggest ages 4-9 for our Young Yogi class. We allow ages 9 and up to attend adult classes based on ability and maturity level. You know your child best and if they can focus for a 1 hour class they are welcome to attend. The price for a young yogi class is $10 and for an adult is $15 for drop-in. Packages are also available that offer discounts. The Young Yogi pass is the only package that can be used by siblings and doesn’t expire. For children’s specialty events stay connected to our Events tab.

Can I share my class pack?

Class packs can only be used for one person and cannot be split amongst multiple people. Our Young Yogi pack is the only package that can be shared amongst siblings. If you are concerned about being able to use a class pack within the expiration than a drop-in will be your best option.