Aerial Classes

Aerial Yoga is a great practice for beginner and advanced yogis. The use of silks during a yoga class offers stability and support, which helps to balance, lengthen, and create shapes. 

Please note the following before arrival:

What To Wear:

  • Tees/Shirts Required
  • Crops/Pants (ladies) and Shorts/Pants (gents)

What Not To Wear:

  • Oils, lotions, perfumes (stains the silks and is left behind for other students)
  • Jewelry that dangles and rings/bracelets/necklaces that will tear the silks

What To Bring:

  • Water
  • Hand towel
  • Mat (mat rental available for $1)

What To Keep In Mind:

  • You CANNOT practice aerial yoga if you are pregnant. 
  • If you have high blood pressure or vertigo you should consult your doctor. 
  • If you have open wounds they should be completely covered. 
  • The New Student Special does NOT include aerial classes. 
  • Please honor others time by arriving 5-10 minutes early to fill out your waiver, make payment if needed, and to set up your hammock. 
  • Registering isn't always necessary, but does ensure your spot. Please don't call to reserve your spot (we are only at the studio during class hours). Via the contact page you can send us a direct message to try to reserve your spot if you aren't tech savvy.